Regional Billing (so you'll get the dayrate for european signups in us$, 29.95 euro is around us$40 now!) AND cascading billing (when someone fails at a ccbill signup, they'll go to Epoch and YES you will get your 60% of that sale too!)
  We offer 60% on check AND creditcard signups AND recurring
  We offer 10% webmaster referral
  Hot RSS feed - 1 link copy n paste easy to use
  Special page to send your 404 exit 401 popup traffic and earn $$$
  We offer the latest webmaster tools such as FHG exporter etc
  We update affiliate FHG and content ZIPs on a weekly basis
  We offer both affiliate and endusers support within 24 hrs
  All sites are protected against password sharing, no working free passes on the web for DutchTeenCash!
  Our sites are all updated on a weekly base to improve retention
  Members can both email and reply to the girls blogs
  We use Canon 10/30D pro cams to get that extra crispy picture look
  We use stock photo's to ensure sites stay online even when a model is sick or leaves for her summer holiday etc
  We use 3CCD videocams to ensure members get the best video's and : CherryCaprice even has High Definition 720x400 vids!
  .. and a LOT more!

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 Did you know DTC has a gallery exporter? If you''re submitting to TGPs or own one and want to import all our galleries for - let's say - StrawberrySandy, this is a 1-2-3 step now!

Just click the date, the site, images or URLs only, you can even choose the spacer and click SUBMIT, and it's there for you, copy and paste and you're done

We like things easy!

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